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STEP 1: Pick your Style

There are currently 6 COLLECTIONS to suit any personality, style, and taste. Don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment while choosing the style of your accessories! Selecting the decorative elements is a great opportunity to either emphasize your current design or to bring a totally new design scheme to your home. With accessories it’s all about taking risks and expressing yourself freely.

STEP 2: Pick Your Favorite Colour Scheme

Selecting he right color scheme is often the most straightforward way to set the tone of your space. You can pick from GOFFT’s 3 color pallets the one that truly matches your personality. While choosing you can consider for example, how a light hued interior with neutral colored accents can lend itself to a feeling of tranquility and earthiness.

STEP 3: Decide How Many Of These Marveleous Things Best Fit Your Space.

Two fundamental elements of interior design are Scale and Rhythm. In plain English: o First, determine how many of each item, you will need for your space. o Then, determine the right sizes of your accessories based on the surface areas and furniture that will house them.

STEP 4: Choose Your ADD-ONS.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile and show up even the savviest of interior decorators, GOFFT’s add-ons are the perfect complements to our main collections.

Choose from a selection of add-ons such as rugs and small statement furniture pieces.

STEP 5: Place Your Order With One Click

Once you’ve finished customizing your collection to suit your space, all that’s left is the simplest part – place your order with the click of a button and GOFFT handles the rest!

The antiquated and time-consuming process of sourcing countless items from various vendors, all while processing and tracking several orders is a distant memory. Just sit back, relax, and finish sipping your probably still-too-hot-to-drink-tea – Your GOFFT Collection will be on its way to you!