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I’ve placed my order with GOFFT, now what?

Once your order is processed, GOFFT will begin coordinating it with each of our vendors individually. Please keep in mind that many of our items are artisanal, handmade, or specially produced per GOFFT order, so there are varying lead times on all deliveries. Our vendors are producing and shipping from across Europe, the US and even parts of Asia, which can also factor into the lead times of your GOFFT order.

GOFFT orders will be delivered in parts, so please expect several deliveries. Your items will also be shipped by different couriers/services. Most of the items in your order will arrive at our facilities first, and then be shipped to you. All others, especially from US vendors, will be shipping directly from the vendor. We will notify you accordingly.  Please expect orders to take anywhere between 5-10 weeks to get to you, as we receive and coordinate items from their individual vendors.

You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. We’ll keep updating your order’s whereabouts as they make their way between our facilities and to your door.

I’ve put in the wrong shipping address. Can I still change it if I’ve placed my order?

Shipping addresses can be updated within 72 hours of placing your order with GOFFT. Please email info@GOFFT.com with your order number, and the shipping address you wish to update for your order.

How will I be notified of updates and shipping information for my orders?

We’ll be updating the status of your order on your GOFFT account as our vendors send us updates. We send you the occasional email notification letting you know there’s been an update to your order’s status but we don’t want to flood your inbox with updates from all of our vendors! Be sure to check your account regularly!

Can the shipment be rushed?

Unfortunately, rush or expedited shipping is not available right now. Please allow approximately 5-10 weeks for all items to be delivered to you.