India, Pakistan, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Veero creates striking, worldly designs in curated collections of alluring artisan made throws and pillows with bright colors and complex, abstract patterns. The company’s interior home collections are beautiful in their strong individuality with sophisticated colors, patterns, and textures. Minimal yet striking in its simplicity, Veero’s hand-embroidered XOXO cushion adorned with a tribal-inspired design can be found in our Urban Jungle collection. This business is a prime example of a responsible artisanal manufacturer dedicated to fair trade practices, empowering artists while maintaining traditional craft, and strengthening small communities in the process. The company has created artisan cooperatives around the world, in India, in Pakistan, in Guatemala, and in Nicaragua – places that respective traditional crafts that inspire the collections call their home. Though training workers to express their craft in a different way can be at times an endeavor, Veero committed themselves to teaching and empowering these communities. It is this type of socially driven business model that GOFFT supports with a strong belief that manufacturers should be accountable for harm their production causes..