Vanessa Mitrani


Working along the often unclear boundary between design and artistic creation, Vanessa Mitrani has been experimenting with the resilience and magic of glass for two decades. Since creating her first collection in 1998, Mitrani has been a unique figure in the field of creation. An expert in glass in its many forms, she creates alluring collections where each unique piece is the result of an unpredictable process. Her creative approach constantly takes on new forms pairing glass in contact with various other materials like leather, porcelain, marble, and fabric. Her work is the result of experimentation – among her experiments, her creations of restrained glass with metal meet true success. Her artistic projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also carry representation of designers own beliefs that question the evocations of different stages of life and death as seen by cultures from around the world. Vanessa Mitrani and GOFFT’s founder, Piret Johanson’s visions cross on many levels but most importantly they share the intense desire to bring distinctive, fine objects into the universe of interior design in many homes around the world. A perfect example of this desire’s gratification is GOFFT’s Playfully Posh and Loft Living collection, showcasing the electric energy of Mitrani’s brilliant glass blown vases.