The Secret To Creating a Space That Feels like Home

by Kaitlin Madden

JAN’ 19

Ask any interior designer what they wish their clients understood better, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear this: A beautiful room design doesn’t start and end with furniture. While accessories might seem like a detail or an af- ter-thought in the grand scheme of a room design, they’re often the very thing that ties a room together. The piece of the design puzzle that takes an arrangement of beautiful furniture and elevates it from feeling like a showroom to feeling like a home.

“Accessories are important because they make your spaces come alive as they add texture, color, pattern, and form,”

says Piret Johanson, owner of God of Fine Things. “They allow you to tell your own individual story and they reflect your unique taste. Just as every person is different, every room should be different, and accent pieces are the best way to do this.”

GOFFT was created as a means to provide solutions to the common design dilemmas below, and simplify the process of selecting the perfect accessories.

  • An unfinished room. If a space feels like it’s not quite “done”—whether it feels cold, a bit vanilla, or simply like something is missing--the culprit is almost always a lack of (or just the wrong) accessories. Accent pieces like art, throw pillows, area rugs, books, and collected objects give a room interest, and create an opportunity to incor- porate color, texture, and movement.

  • A disparate room. The best room designs often sample a variety of decor styles, mixing modern with tradition- al, proper with irreverent, and bold with subtle, which adds depth and interest to a space. But, left unadorned, these rooms can feel disparate. Nuanced designs rely on accessories to tie the room together, uniting the color schemes or various design eras represented into a cohe- sive, unique whole.

  • Tired decor. Accents have a transformative effect on everything else in a space. So much so that swapping out accessories is often a more effective (and more cost ef- fective) way to change the look of a room than replacing furniture. Switching out decor for updated versions can give the existing furnishings a whole new look.

“Just as every person is different, every room should be different, and accent pieces are the best way to do this.”

- P. Johanson

Of course, a collection of tightly-curated accessories can also take a lifetime to amass, and a well-trained eye to spot. GOFTT takes the guesswork (and legwork) out of accessorizing a space with pre-curated collections of one-of-a-kind objects and accents created to infuse a room with life.