Rose and Fitzgerald


Rose and Fitzgerald creates vibrant, specially handcrafted home accessories using sustainably sourced, luxurious materials. This environmentally conscious business places great value on high quality, modern design above all else and merges this interest with their appreciation for the raw, tribal influence that exists in East Africa where their products are made. After moving to Uganda in 2012, Rose and Fitzgerald’s founders fell in love with the richness of colors and textures of handmade goods found at markets and were impressed by the traditional methods used to craft them. The company employs local artisans to practice a craft that they are not only highly skilled at, but that is deeply engrained in their culture. In order to honor their commitment to minimizing their ecological footprint Rose and Fitzgerald chose to limit their production to the use of local materials, narrowing the scope of possibility but directly amplifying their impact. The sacrifice that this business made in order to remain true to their ideals goes hand in hand with GOFFT’s philosophy and confirms them as genuine artisanal producers. Look for Bohemian Bliss and Urban Jungle to see the beautiful variation of colors and uniqueness that the Ankole Horn coasters bring to the collection.