iota Project is a luxury furniture and accessory brand creating beautiful, hand-knitted signature rugs with bright and vibrant colors that bring life and style to any space. Their creativity also expands to small home accessories such as hand made stools and artfully knitted swings. A perfect combination of intriguing art and unexpected aesthetics, their hand-knitted swings masterfully accentuate our Bohemian Bliss Collection. A social business that believes in female empowerment and giving back to society, iota Project is a design company truly driven by social and ecological concerns. With inspiration from the beautiful colors and structures of nature, they create products that are completely unique and made by the hands of skilled female artisans. iota Project teaches women within their local community in the desert Israel who have no prospect of employment due to religious or cultural reasons the art of crochet knitting, supplying work for them that can be done from their homes. They create a peaceful work environment that these women would otherwise not have access to and reward them with fair pay while introducing a sense of community and female empowerment. The production process is completely fair and transparent, and the company condemns elements of industrial manufacturing. A majority of iota Project’s sales profits are invested in welfare and educational programs worldwide. At GOFFT, we strongly connect with iota as a leader in community-support driven businesses who truly cares about female empowerment.