Designing a Room with Soul

by Kaitlin Madden

JAN’ 19

If you’ve ever walked into a space that lit up your mood or brought about a sense of calm, then you understand firsthand that a room is more than four walls and the contents they house.

A well-designed room has the power to affect a mood or stir up emotions in its occupants, just as spaces that lack a thoughtful design can create a sense of ambivalence or disconnect.

More often than not, the difference between the two is soul. The key to evoking the true soul of a space, is to decorate with colors, textures, and objects that align with a homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. It’s the energy created by this juxtaposition of elements, and how it is received by those who live in the space that is truly responsible for the feeling we collectively think of as “homey”.

So how does one create a space with soul? It all comes down to the story. The story of a table that was passed down through generations, and how it pairs perfectly with the hand-knotted rug acquired on a trip abroad, the handwoven baskets made by artisans in their home country, and hand-thrown pottery from a favorite vacation destination.

"The soul of a home is shaped by these experiences, like memories, travels, and personal interests."

The thing with curated collections like these is that, by nature, they take time, commitment, and a clear direction. There’s a hunt involved, and a thoughtful curation of what fits in with the story and what does not. Even the most eager of DIY decorators, don’t always have the time to dedicate or a clear direction to develop this level of attention to detail. Those who have hired interior designers might find the need to add a layer of richness to their home, as designers often stop after a space is furnished, but not necessarily finished in a way that feels personal.

With GOFTT, the goal is to uncover what speaks to clients, filling their homes with these special, handmade, artisan pieces that tell their own unique stories and add the finishing touches that incomparably fill a room with soul.