Beauty, Handmade

by Riki Altman-Yee

JAN’ 19

“To make a truly thoughtful, extraordinary statement in a home, I always lean toward artisanal accessories,” explains God of Fine Things (GOFFT) principal and founder Piret Johanson. “They are the epitome of uniqueness—ultimate expressions of luxury that simply cannot be replicated.”

All the extraordinary objects GOFFT offers—from Nepalese hand-knotted rugs made by Tibetan artisans to artfully hand-painted wood and glass trays (Playfully Posh Bohemian Bliss, and Urban Jungle Collections)—inherently possess a story of the artisans who created them and their lineage.

“We stand by creators who are passionate about sustainability, maintaining age-old traditional craft, and the complete wellbeing of all surrounding them,” Johanson says. “Not only does the process of these objects’ creation emit a positive impact on our planet, but from the craft and precise skill taken to make them, simply beautiful things emerge.” And they last.

“They are the epitome of uniqueness — ultimate expressions of luxury that simply cannot be replicated.”

- P. Johanson

Some finds, like our Ugandan pure brass and Ankole horn coasters (Playfully Posh Bohemian Bliss, and Urban Jungle Collections), will likely develop a rich patina over time, increasing their value and adding unmatched character, while others, like our Italian woven calfskin leather baskets (Playfully Posh Bohemian Bliss, and Urban Jungle Collections) are a study in durability. It also helps to remember that investing in handmade items enables communities to sustain products native to their regions.
So, purchasing GOFFT’s curated accessory collections rich with artisan-made creations not only provides conversational art for any home but also helps global communities sustain and prosper. Can you think of a better reason to spruce up your living quarters?