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A former super model, GOFFT Founder Piret Johanson, didn’t have an ordinary start in the world of interior design. Her first love was always fashion, and at the age of seventeen she was fully immersed in the magic of extraordinary creators like Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Christian Lacroix, whose creative language strongly influenced her artistic expression even today. Captivated by their work and yearning for her own outlet, Piret attended Ecole Camondo in Paris, and traded in her stilettos for another life ambition – a fruitful career in the world of interiors. 

Fast forward seventeen years into her career as Founder of Piret Johanson Studio, Piret has worked on a wide range of residential and commercial projects for clients all around the globe. She quickly realized there was one phase of the design process that is often completely overlooked and the true lapse in achieving a finished and polished design – the art of accessorizing, which Piret has since considered “The Soul of the design process”.

She created God of Fine Things in response to the overwhelming demand for curated home décor that is beautiful, personal and that cohesively ties a room together with meaningful design. GOFFT is an entirely new way to decorate – it’s home décor reimagined.

GOFFT Method

The style of your home should be an extension of your own, and achieving that should be effortless. GOFFT’s predesigned collections of home accessories allows you to achieve a professionally designed look, almost instantly. In just a few clicks you can select an exclusively curated collection of décor, pick a color scheme, customize a couple of sizes and quantities according to your needs, and then proceed to place your order. 

We handle all the rest by managing the order across multiple vendors, and ensuring the logistics. Just sit back and sip your tea. Once your order arrives, all that’s left to do is spread the magic throughout your home and enjoy the fun parts of interior decorating. Now, you can get back to all the things that matter to you most. After all, that’s what matters most to us!


GOFFT Truth 

At God of Fine Things, we know fine things deserve to be protected. We love and appreciate artisans and artists around the world and their ancient crafts in every expression. We believe they make the world a special place by keeping alive the magic of their ethnic cultural backgrounds. Our accessory sets are thoughtfully curated by our in-house design gurus, who travel the world in search of the finest things, made by these extraordinarily talented craftspeople.

Our goal is to encourage and stand by creators who are passionate about sustainability and protecting age old traditional crafts. We intend to select an artisan for the season who will receive proceeds directly from your purchase to advance their trade.